A Love Story

Just turn south after Torre Canne, you immediately notice a wonderful change of light as it opens towards the Orient. There, suspended between sea and sky, Ostuni appears, its white lime walls dazzle you with light. The sunset bathes these facades a warm glow of orange.


Overlooking a plain of secular and millenary olive trees,Ostuni conveys a great sense of purity. One is  enchanted by this landscape. We are in Valle d’Itria, a crossroads of ancient villages unique in the world, surrounded by a coast that offers a spectacular sea and unique cycle routes and nature trails.

We love this place and here we started the story of our Lamiaterra. We are Titti and Francesca and this is our Apulian country house, an ancient stone lamia, immersed in two hectares of land planted with olives, figs, almonds and other fruit trees.

Lamiaterra is located a few kilometers from the center of Ostuni, but also very close to Cisternino, Locorotondo, Martina Franca and Ceglie Messapica. Our structure is typical of this area, a stone lamia from the early 1900s once used as a millstone for the production of local wine.

We adore living here with friends and guests of our structure.

We love to cook and take care of the garden and we are creating a vegetable garden, all strictly organic.

Year after year we have learned many things from this land: the passing season and its perfumes, the olive harvest and the emotion of having our own oil, the taste of the fruits collected from the our trees. And do you know that preparing a quince jam can become a party at any age?

We still crave to know much more, the beauty of enjoying the gifts that this land spontaneously offers to all of us: flowers, fruits, perfumes, colors that often take us back in time, searching for the simple pleasure of our childhoods.

Lamiaterra is a place of our hearts, it’s where we decided to get married and where we celebrated this unique and precious moment. We made a life long promise here, and today we wish our Lamia to be a place for vacations, holidays and other of occasions to celebrate love and the good life.

We are happy to welcome you to introduce you to this splendid corner of Puglia, in this friendly, comfortable and ecological structure.

And if you have chosen Puglia to celebrate a precious moment of your life, we can assure you that here we will take care of all the minimum details together with a highly professional team who will embrace all your desires.

If you are an LGBT couple, we will support you in organizing your perfect day from A to Z.

Love is love. Welcome to Lamiaterra!