Apulia to discover

If Apulia can be considered a gateway to Europe towards the East, Ostuni is a land between two seas.

This is in fact the land of Messapia, an ideal bridge between east and west, between the Ionian and the Adriatic.

In this unique and special place, the Trulli Valley and the Valley of Saracen olive trees mix with the protected marine areas of Torre Guaceto and Torre Canne, with a truly unique intensity of colors.

You will be welcomed by an extraordinary cultural, historical and food and wine heritage, and by the naturalistic beauty of the Itria Valley. These are the treasures that this land and this sea will offer you.

Suggested routes

The sea and the Apulian coast: 8 km from the Torre Canne and San Leonardo Dune Natural Park, between Fasano and Torre Canne, characterized by sandy beaches and dunes, with typical juniper and evergreen sclerophyll vegetation. From the Ostuni marina to Brindisi, sandy bays surrounded by rocks, from Cala dei Ginepri to the splendid marine reserve of Torre Guaceto, an oasis of protection.

Itria Valley and the Murgia dei Trulli: one of the most interesting itineraries in Puglia derives from this area, characterized by lush vegetation dominated by the olive tree and the typical rural houses called Trulli; from Alberobello, a UNESCO heritage site, Castellana Grotte with its splendid caves and the Selva di Fasano, includes the towns of Martina Franca, Cisternino and Locorotondo.

The Park of Secular Olive Trees: the coastal plain is an extremely suggestive landscape for the ancient manors and for their presence, which pervades everything, the gnarled and monumental millenary olive trees, plants shaped by time and wind, living testimony of the history of this area (Municipalities of Monopoli, Fasano, Ostuni, Carovigno and San Vito dei Normanni).

The Olive Route: includes the towns of Carovigno, Ceglie Messapica, Cisternino, Fasano, Ostuni, San Michele Salentino, San Vito dei Normanni and Villa Castelli and within this route it is possible not only to observe the olive groves but also to visit the oil mills, some of which are built underground, testifying to this ancient tradition.

The Wine Route: always and area rich in sunny vineyards and cool barrels, they are now flanked by modern companies and cellars and even museums that preserve an ancient testimony to of an important tradition. Discover the most appreciated productions and skills in the world. (link Puglia Wine Tourism Movement).

The Cycle Route of the Via Traiana: cycle-tourism itinerary incorporated in the Bicitalia circuit as the Adriatic Cycle Route – Bicitalia Route 6. From the Ostuni railway station you follow an ancient Roman road, today a quiet secondary road, surrounded by the majestic olive trees of the Ostuni plain, where imposing fortified manors stand, a sign of the ancient importance of the road: Sansone, Mangiamuso, Spagnulo, Defense of Malta.


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